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Functional Skills

Level 1 and 2 Functional Skills Qualifications in English

Aims and Objective:

Functional Skills English qualifications at these levels indicate that learners should be able to speak, listen, communicate, read and write clearly, accurately, confidently, and with effectiveness. They should be able to:

Listen, understand and make relevant contributions to discussions with others in a range of contexts
Apply their understanding of language to adapt delivery and content to suit audience and purpose
Read a range of different text types confidently and fluently, applying their knowledge and understanding of texts to their own writing
Write texts of varying complexity, with accuracy, effectiveness, and correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
Understand the situations when, and audiences for which, planning, drafting and using formal language are important, and when they are less important.

Learners should be able to use these functional skills autonomously, applying them to a range of formal and informal contexts, in the workplace and in real life.

A key aspect of developing knowledge and skills in English, at Level 1 and 2, is to be able to communicate with confidence, effectiveness and with an increasing level of independence.

Grading: Pass/Fail

Re-sits: Re-sits are available.

Assessment Methods:

These qualifications are each assessed via 2 external assessments (Exams) and one controlled assessment. Learner will have to achieve all 3 components in order to Pass either the Level 1 or 2 Qualification in English.

The external assessments cover:

Reading Exams (60 minutes)
Writing Exams (60 minutes)

The controlled assessment covers:

Speaking, Listening and Communicating

Controlled and external assessment tasks use a unique theme. Each theme is carefully selected so that the tasks are realistic and relatable to everyday contexts.